Thursday, 7 December 2017

Blockchain Technology And Digital Currencies

All the digital currencies in the world depend upon the blockchain technology for their operation and survival. Ethereum based ether and bitcoin are perfect examples of digital currencies which would not exist if blockchain technology was not present. Investing in Ethereum is a financially sound idea, as per Till 3-4 years back it was impossible to build blockchain applications unless you had substantial knowledge of coding. But in the present times, it is relatively easy to build blockchain applications without prolific coding skills. If you have some knowledge about the basics of cryptography, then you may understand blockchain technology comfortably.

Earlier you could not build a blockchain application unless you had extensive resources. At present, the need for resources is not as significant as it used to be. Even if you do not have sizeable knowledge of mathematics, you can take up the task of building a blockchain application. The enhanced ease in creation of blockchain applications has increased the implementation of this technology in many aspects of society and economy. It is possible to create digital records of properties and assets by use of some applications based on the blockchain technology. 

The proliferation of blockchain applications has made it easy for people to carry out digital trading. Ethereum is one of the most important software platforms based on blockchain technology. Apps which use Ethereum as their platform have a considerable scope of implementation.

There are some similarities between bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are major differences as well. Bitcoin's major goal is to ensure transfer of cash digitally for successful completion of commercial and financial transactions. Ethereum has much broader applications, and electronic transfer of money is one of them. Some people think that Ethereum is a digital currency, but in reality, Ether is the digital currency which is traded on Ethereum. It is important to note that digital currency is a very small part of the significant scope of blockchain technology.

Trading of stock is another major area where the use of blockchain technology is prominent. The smart contact for share trading uses blockchain technology which is different from digital transfer of money. Share trading has become a lot more secure than before because of the arrival of blockchain technology. The smart contact has led to minimum interference by third parties thus increasing the security levels. The nature of these codes has also negated the possibility of fraud. Some experts attribute the increased number of share traders globally to the enhancement of security in trading.

A blockchain will become redundant if it cannot process a limited number of codes. Ethereum has survived and thrived in this era because of its sizeable ability to recognize and process codes. If Ethereum continues to evolve and improve, then the scope of its applications will be even wider. The applications of Ethereum have impacted the value of Ether positively and substantially. Bitcoin and other blockchains have very limited applications when compared to Ether.  Many people all around the world have vouched for Ether, so for it and earn some real profits.


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